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2014 Victorian State Championship results.

The following drivers have been awarded a CAMS State Championship.


125cc Gearbox: 1st place Garry Haywood. 2nd place Shane Fewster. 3rd place Rod Conn.


Non gearbox Light: 1st place Tim Clarke. 2nd place Brayden Bailey. 3rd place Tyler Williams.


Non Gearbox Heavy: 1st place Peter Strangis. 2nd place Jamie Macdonald. 3rd place Rod Clarke


Stock Honda: 1st place Sam Zavagila. 2nd place Stephen Castles. 3rd place Nathan Pryor.


The complete results plus the results from round five of the club series can be found on our results page.



                  125 cc Gearbox                                                          NGB Light




                            NGB Heavy                                                           Stock Honda







For some great video footage of racing by members of the Victorian Club take the link's below,


Video by James Hamilton.


Other on board video's taken from Craig Edwards Stock Honda can be viewed by taking this link.




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So ends another season

The club wishes to thank our sponsors, Woodgate Racing, Hold on to Life and MJR Bricklaying for their generous support during our 2013 race season.

We are also grateful to the many people who volunteer their time working behind the scenes in actually running our race meetings,

The flag marshals (who stand in all sorts of weather), The timing people, The grid marshals, recovery crews, Kitchen team and others.

Our entrants and our club thank you all for your time and fantastic effort.

It requires each and everyone of you to make a CLUB.


Our Class Champions for 2013 are:


250 National:

1st Place, Scott Appledore. 2nd Place, Darren James. 3rd Place, Gary Pegoraro.


125 Gearbox:

1st Place, Sam Zavaglia. 2nd Place, Rod Conn. 3rd Place, Rick Hobman.


NGB Light:

1st Place, Russ Occhipinti. 2nd Place Tim Clarke. 3rd Place Frank Arlacon.


NGB Heavy:

1st Place, Peter Strangis. 2nd Place, Jamie MacDonald. 3rd Place, Rod Clarke.


Overall Driver of the year:

Sam Zavaglia.


Rookie of the Year:

Peter Gerlach.


In the 250 International and NGB Juniors classes we had insufficient entrants to contest a Club Championship, however,

Highest Points scored were:


250 International:

1st, Martin Latta. 2nd Matt Bass. 3rd, Gary Pegoraro.


NGB Junior:

1st, Tyler Williams. 2nd, Quintin Slabbert.



Enjoy the break while we work towards a great season in 2014.


Rolf Greve


Victorian Superkart Club.



More lap records fall

To round out the year of new lap records the club congratulates Matt Bass on setting a new lap record for the 250 International class

for the short (Club) circuit at Winton.

Racing at the Winton 300 as a support class arranged by Australian Superkart Events Matt set a new time of 56.1287 taking away the record set by Tony Rath

back in 2000, when Matt was only eight years old. The other totally amazing thing about this record it was only about the third time Matt has driven the kart.


Take this link to ride the lap with him.





New Lap record:


Photo courtesy Superkarts Australia



Queensland driver Russell Jamieson has set a new lap record of 1:28.4199 at Phillip Island during race one of the Australian Superkart Championships on September 21, 2013.


Eclipsing the record recently set by Victorian Pegoraro who also set a new time below his old lap record in the same race.




2013 Australian Non Gearbox and Stock Honda Nationals:


The complete results from this event can now be found HERE.


New Lap record:


Victorian Gary Pegoraro has again beaten his own lap record by posting a 1 min 30.7407 in the final race at Round six of the club series

at Phillip Island on August 17th.



And the Lap records keep falling:

Two new lap records were set at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit on Saturday June 15.

Both were in the non gearbox classes, Light and Junior.


Time Clarke set a new non gearbox light record of 1:55.4141 While Queensland competitor Quintin Slabbert set a new time of 1:58.6808.



Above: Tim Clarke                                    Above: Quintin Slabbert.



New lap record:

A new time of 1:34.5782 was set for the Winton long track by Peter Strangis on May 12.

Congratulations Peter.



New surface, new lap records.

The new race surface at Phillip Island was put to the test on February 9 when the club held the opening round of this years club series with two new lap records being set.


Russ Occhipinti set a new time of 1:56.0407 for the NGB Lights finally breaking Jason McIntyres record of 1:57.242 which he held for eleven years.


In the NGB Heavies it's a new lap record to Rod Clarke with a 1:58.9158 taking the previous time away from Mark Wicks who set 1:59.685 six years ago.






Congratulations to both drivers.



So what's it like?

Take this link to get a drivers eye view of racing a Rotax kart at Calder Park.


Getting set up in one of these will set you back around $5,000.00. (Used, and usually with all the parts you need)

You will not find a more affordable way of getting into Motorsport.






More Superkart Video's


 Ride on board looking over the shoulder of Greg Bass driving a 250cc International kart at Australia premier race circuits.



Here are some of the viewer comments:

Wow those things are fast...Great footage man...Love those dual carbs. 

Great footage, You guys are hardcore racers. All respect to you. I think Superkarts are the heaviest form of racing. Even more so then F1's. 

Bass rocks!!
It's scary just watching it - great footage.
Yep those carbies add to the effect.
Keep up the good work guys