Last Updated November 16 2017. 





The Club is very proud of Jordan (Jordie) Ford in winning the 2017 CIK European Superkart Mono 250 (National) Championship.


Jordie won all three events of the series at Donnington (G.B.) Assen (the Netherlands) and Le Mans (France) setting Lap records along the way.

Driving a Factory backed Anderson Kart he certainly dominated the series backed by the skills of his team, Russell Anderson, Matt Morell, and

Scott & Dale Williams.


Second place went to Brit Gavin Bennett and third to fellow Brit Paul Platt.



In the 250 International class German Peter Elkmann took out first place with second going to Czech Adam Kout while another Victorian Club member

Brit Liam Morley was third.



Club series Round 8:


To round the year out the club returns to the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit on Nov  18 & 19.

A CAMS Victorian State Title is on offer with points also counting towards the Club series.


Entry to this event has now closed and results will be published soon.






Round 7 Broadford:


The results from this round can be found HERE


A new lap record in 125cc Gearbox was also set by Marc Hugelshofer of 1:01.0468




That's a Wrap.





The complete results can now be downloaded HERE.


A new lap record was set in Non Gearbox (Rotax) Heavy, David Murphy with a time of 1:56.3294 during race Four.


Again, one final thankyou to all our entrants for being there and your very kind words & encouragement.


We hope to see more of you again at next years Festival.



New lap records set.

A new surface and good weather conditions saw four new lap records set for the Winton Long circuit.


250 National: Jordan Ford 1:22.4093 in race 2.

Stock Honda: Kieran Morling 1:27.9842 in race 1

Non gearbox (Rotax) Light: Russ Occhipinti 1:30.9851 in race 1

Non gearbox (Rotax) Heavy: Jarrod Sanfilippo 1:33.4324 in race 1.




A fitting ending to an amazing year.


On Friday December 9 representatives from the club were invited to the 2016 CAMS Motorsport awards (Victoria) at the Lakeside function rooms at Albert Park.


The club was given a certificate to acknowledge the Clubs 40th year milestone while club Members Geoff Lawrence ( 125cc Gearbox), Tim Clarke (Stock Honda)

and Ivo Baldari (NGB Heavy) were presented with their CAMS State Championship trophies.


The clubs 40th year was truly one of celebrations and milestones hosting the 2016 Festival of Superkarts during August, The State Title during November,

Our Gala 40th dinner in July plus a great season of Club racing.


Thank you to our competitors, sponsors, and club officials all of whom provide a vital piece to the puzzle.


The club looks forward to 2017 with a great list of events scheduled.



Image: CAMS state awards facebook page.


Left to right: Geoff Lawrence, Rod Clarke (President) Tim Clarke and Ivo Baldari.





The Club sincerely thanks the sixty two entries that turned out over the weekend of August 20 & 21 to this new event on the Victorian Club calendar.

The event also saw the running of the 2016 Stock Honda and Non Gearbox Nationals which provided some very exciting racing.


And the Winners are:


250 International:


1st place: Gary Pegoraro. 2nd place: Brendan Luneman. 3rd Place: Matt Bass.


250 National:


1st place: Jordan Ford. 2nd place: Tyler Williams. 3rd place: Daniel Lewis.


125cc Gearbox:


1st place: Brad Stebbing. 2nd place: Jarrod Lethborg. 3rd place: Geoff Lawrence.




1st place: Tim Clarke. 2nd place: Dalton Rowell. 3rd place: Justin Ford.




1st place: Russ Occhipinti. 2nd place: Jim Gorman. 3rd place: Patrick Ross.




1st place: Rod Clarke. 2nd place: Brandon Stillwell. 3rd place: Bobby Jane.





40th Presentation Night:

The Club Series for 2016 ended earlier this year to coincide with the Club's Forty year anniversary.


The following awards and Championships were presented:


Appreciation Awards:


Ally Duckworth, Elaine Fultiak, Darren Tyler, Scott Appledore, Jarrod Lethborg, Mike McCrudden and John Mason.


Club Person of the Year:


Rolf Greve


Rookie of the Year:


Ivo Baldari.


Life Membership:


John Bakker, Rolf Greve and Mike Mc Crudden.


Class Champions:


250 International:


Third: Anton Stevens 82 points

Second: Brendan Luneman 90 Points

First: Jamie MacDonald 358 points


250 National


Third: Raff Pironti 175 points

Second: Scott Appledore 185 points

First: Tyler Williams 354 points


125 Gearbox


Third: David Byrne 144 points

Second: Todd Gardner 266 points

First: Jarrod Lethborg 284 points


Stock Honda


Third: Tim Clarke 285 points

Second: Justin Ford 380 points

First: Nathan Pryor 404 points



NGB Light:


Third: Brayden Bailey 295 points

Second: Sanjua Perrera 310 points

First: Russ Occhilpinti 422 points



Third: Dave Murphy 300 points

Second: Rod Clarke 328 points

First: Jarrod Sanfilippo 362 points



Driver of the year (Highest overall points)


Jarrod Sanfilippo.


The Club would also like to thank it's sponsors their generous support.


Network Press, McKern Steel, Woodgate Racing, IDB Developments, Door to Door Hire Kensington and Oz Design Nunawading.



2016 a year for celebration.


On July 9th  the Victorian Superkart Club will celebrate it’s 40th year.

The Club was formed very early in 1976 under the auspices of the Victorian Karting Association. At the time it was known as the VKA Road Race Division with its roots being at the Corio track just outside of Geelong.

During this period the club also raced at Brooklyn, Mac Park in Mount Gambier, Winton, Calder, Broadford, Adelaide International Raceway (A.I.R.) and others often sharing meetings with Motorcycle clubs.

In February of 1984 the club changed its name to the Victorian Superkart Division, then on July 9 of 1986 registered itself as the Victorian Superkart Club Inc. We affiliated with CAMS during that same year. 

Over the years we’ve had seven Presidents and have lay claim to over Fifty National Champions.


We wish to thank our members for their support and especially the many committee members and volunteers who over the last Forty Years who have given of their time in this exciting form of Motorsport.


The club looks forward to continuing its rich tradition of fostering Champions and by offering it’s members the most affordable racing at the best circuits our country can offer.


The club will celebrate this momentous  occasion in style at a Gala dinner on July 30th.



We thank the following Sponsors:


250 cc Classes



125cc Gearbox:


Stock Honda:



Non Gearbox Light:



Non Gearbox Heavy:








Vic Superkarts T.V.

Rather than having a page of static superkarts displayed on our Photo's page we have added a link to our

YOU TUBE channel.

This page has been set up so our club members can upload on board videos of Superkarts racing for you to watch.

Head over for a look, and video's are always being updated.








For some great video footage of racing by members of the Victorian Club take the link's below.


Video by James Hamilton.


Other on board video's taken from Craig Edwards Stock Honda can be viewed by taking this link.



So what's it like?

Take this link to get a drivers eye view of racing a Rotax kart at Calder Park.


Getting set up in one of these will set you back around $5,000.00. (Used, and usually with all the parts you need)

You will not find a more affordable way of getting into Motorsport.






More Superkart Video's


 Ride on board looking over the shoulder of Greg Bass driving a 250cc International kart at Australia premier race circuits.



Here are some of the viewer comments:

Wow those things are fast...Great footage man...Love those dual carbs. 

Great footage, You guys are hardcore racers. All respect to you. I think Superkarts are the heaviest form of racing. Even more so then F1's. 

Bass rocks!!
It's scary just watching it - great footage.
Yep those carbies add to the effect.
Keep up the good work guys